Exclusive Leagues Partnership

In Real Life (IRL) Paintball is an extremely demanding sport, a recreational activity and a very addictive passion. The sport is played on all continents in many countries. Over 750 teams compete at international level within the four major international speedball leagues, all partners of XField Paintball and affiliates of the World PaintBall League (WPBO): The NXL for North America -with CXBL for Canada-, The Millennium for Europe, the PALS in Asia and SARPL in South Africa. Another type of competition is held by the UWL the Ultimate Woodsball League with yet another format in which players compete in a natural outdoors area instead of the inflatable bunker-based format of speedball.Once a relatively unknown sport, paintball has developed into a well organized, exciting sport which is rapidly growing.
XField Paintball wants to play a key role into the paintball industry development, by promoting the sport, its tournaments, and introducing the first eSport experience through the XField Cup (lien)
Play the official layouts of these leagues in exclusivity with XField Paintball, even before the competition.

logo NXL

Premier league in the USA since 2015, the National Xball League is comparable in size to the other continental Leagues and gathers the largest attendance once a year, during its World Cup event organized in Florida with 300 to 400 teams (393 in 2016). Introduced the 2 man division (2 vs 2) in 2016, same year we did the 2 man XField Cup!

logo Millennium

The Millennium Series is The European League. It represents 29 participating countries and 200 to 300 participating teams over four major events in France, Germany and UK. Since the creation of the series in 1999, the Millennium Series has become a true reference in paintball for game modes, rules and events organization. This is the most international of all leagues.

logo PALS

The Paintball Asia League Series regroups many regional teams including teams from China, India, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore,Thailand to name the most important asian paintball communities. 100 to 200 teams meet during 3 events in Malaysia and Singapore to compete for the title. In 2015, XField participated in the World Cup held by PALS in Langkawi, Malaysia.

logo SARPL

The South Africa Regional Paintball League is the league of the African continent. It hosts a World Cup once a year in Johannesburg for around 100 teams mostly from South Africa, the most dynamic country of the continent in paintball. This is the smallest international league but probably among the most passionate paintball crowd you will ever meet.

logo CXBL

The CXBL (Canadian X-Ball League) is Canada’s premier competitive paintball series. Featuring complete matches of traditional X-Ball (time clock, not Race-To), 15 balls per second firing modes, and hosted by some of the best venues north of the US border. CXBL is now part of NXL.

logo UWL

The Ultimate woodsball League hosts every year, 5 competition events all over the U.S. as well as many International events in Latin America and Europe (UK). The formats are 5 man and 10 man teams. Large Scale recreational woodsball games are commonly referred to as "Big Games" or "Scenario Games".